Monday, September 20, 2010

Gearing up for the INSPYs

Recently selected as a judge in a new book award category, the INSPYs, I suppose I should at least update for all you folks that will click on my link.

The God particle, by Richard Cox.

Speculative/sci fi, about the possibilities that are brought to light by the scientific advances in particle research. The science of the book is believable, at least until the end, where the author gets a bit fanciful. Nothing wrong with that, especially with a refreshing writing style. Cox spent very little time setting the locations of his story, getting right into the characters, and then fleshing out the locations in subtle ways throughout the story. At first it was a bit irritating, with short terse statements about where the action was set, like the stage directions on the edge of a play script. After a while, you get used to it, quickly assessing the scene and getting right into the action.

Story in a nutshell involves the search for a unifying field present in all elements, the higgs bosun field, or "the god particle". Psychotic killers, A pseudo religious news anchor, a physicist under pressure to get results or lose funding, a ghosts, nano machines in brains, and mind over matter makes it an interesting read, a good diversion from the top 100 list, and a good springboard into my next project, judging for the INSPYs Speculative Fiction category. Bring it on!

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