Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The adjectives of headaches

Pounding, splitting, terrible, bad, migraine, sinus, stress, sugar, tension.

I think it's dumb that heads hurt. Mine does, so the post today will be colored ( or coloured) by a dull ache that started sometime last night in my cerebellum. I suppose it could be something tragic like a life threatening illness, but I'm fairly certain it's just your average garden variety headache.

Today's post is not happening in the hours between 11 pm and 1 am, so that is something notable.

I've thought a lot recently about what to do with my life, and where to send my resume. There are many options open to me, regardless of the struggling economic conditions. I will graduate in less than seven months, and will join the minority of American college graduates. And the skill set that I have is particularly versatile, in that I can work in any mass medium. I could do news sales, outdoor marketing, public relations, political communication, radio or TV broadcasting, not for profit organization promotion, or anything I want to.

But how do I decide? I've been recently struck by the state of the current generation and the generation following us. Suicide, addiction, promiscuity, eating disorders, bullying, sex-ting, iPhones giving us up to the minute information about who's betraying who, iPods tuning out real world interactions, iTunes giving us a way to organize our pirated music, and the list goes on.

We really are in trouble, or will be soon. and I want to do something with my life that will hold back a few people from plummeting over the precipice into this consuming consumerism that is the USA. Maybe non-profit is the way I need to look.

But then I wouldn't make any money.
And then I wouldn't have my 8 car, 3 person family.
And my 52 bedroom house.
Or my 25 bedroom summer cottage.
Or my lear jet.
or my 1000$ shoes.

After all, what really matters is who makes the most money, right?

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